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Daiwa Presso Step Dart 40S Reaction Gold

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Daiwa Presso Step Dart 40S Reaction Gold

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Item # 4960652220811
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Manufacturer info DAIWA
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Item: 40S Size: 40mm Weight: 3.0g Hook Specifications: Van Hook CK33W # 8
PRESSO staff who turns a neutral fish with a compact dirt stepping on a step PRESSO staff · Keiji Miura Many dart lures are released from each company in recent years, the performance I asked for this step dart is Unspecified settling speed and dart performance, and bottom stability. For example, when there is a strong artificial pressure like a tournament, finally reaching a bite is often restricted to the offshore surface layer" or "front side bottom", which has relatively little pressure. The surface layer of the offshore is a dandelion of the spoon where the distance goes out, but on the other hand, the fish is close to the angler, the element of the reaction is strongly required. Under such circumstances it is supposed to introduce a dart type lure, but even if the dart performance is high, if the falling speed is slow, it will be cut off by the fish, and conversely if the falling speed is made faster the buoyancy will be damaged and the dirt Performance and bottom stability performance deteriorate. I put an emphasis on balancing this contradicting factor well. The dart width is also an important point. Generally, the wider the dart width, the stronger the ability to bring fish, but especially in rainbow trout, it is not possible to keep up with the lure and many mis-bytes occur. As the name suggests, Step Dart is good at "steady and regularly dirty steps" and has the power to forcibly raise the activity of neutral fish while realizing the action to reduce the mis-byte. It is a final weapon that demonstrates its power when you want to squeeze fish by all means. Flat head, pursue dirt performance with sharpness. Furthermore, the shape like a slender TD vibe is extremely high in bottom stability and does not collapse sideways when falling. ※ Do not miss opportunities with amazing penetrating power "SaqSas (saxus)" ※ The image of the product you are posting is displaying the representative image. Moreover, the color may look different from the real one. Please be forewarned."

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